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Elkhart, Indiana


Martin's #2, 1200 N. Nappanee Street, 574-264-4425

Open Positions: Deli Clerks. 


Martin's #6, 3800 Mishawaka Road E, 574-875-6211

Open Positions: 


Martin's #14, 555 E. Jackson Street, 574-293-6659

Open Positions: Cashiers.


Martin's Cafe', 600 East Boulevard, 574-472-7260

Open Positions: Cashiers.


Martin's #15, 120 Sanford School Road, Suite B, 574-264-6505

Open Positions: Meat Clerks, Deli Clerks, Service Clerks, Produce Clerks, Bakery Clerks, Groceries to Go Clerks and Cashiers.


Martin's #17, 3900 East Bristol Street, 574-264-0113

Open Positions: Deli Clerks, Bakery Clerks and Meat Clerks.


Goshen, Indiana


Martin's #24, 1527 Bashor Road, 574-537-0719

Open Positions: Stockers, Deli Clerks, Meat Clerks, Bakery Clerks, Starbucks Baristas and Cashiers.


Martin's #27, 1401 

College Avenue, 574-975-0962

Open Positions: Deli Clerks, Cashiers, Produce Clerk and Starbucks Baristas.


Granger, Indiana


Martin's #16, 12850 State Road 23, 574-277-5521

Open Positions: Deli Clerks and Cashiers.


Martin's #25, 7355 Heritage Square Drive, 574-807-8220

Open Positions: Deli Clerks.


Logansport, Indiana


Martin's #18, 3420 E. Market Street, 574-737-8060

Open Positions: 


Mishawaka, Indiana


Martin's #4, 314 N. Ironwood Drive, 574-259-6348

Open Positions: Service Clerks and Deli Clerks.


Martin's #12, 306 N. Bittersweet, 574-259-2405

Open Positions: 


Martin's Central Bakery, 1202 E. McKinley, 574-254-9604

Open Positions: FT Cake Decorators, FT Donut Production, FT Bread Packager, PT Maintenance and FT Maintenance. 


Nappanee, Indiana


Martin's #20, 242 N. Oakland Avenue, 574-773-3013

Open Positions: Deli Clerks, Service Clerks, Janitorial and Starbucks Baristas. 


Plymouth, Indiana


Martin's #22, 865 E. Jefferson, 574-936-4081

Open Positions: Starbucks Baristas, Service Clerks, Cashiers and Deli Clerks.


South Bend, Indiana


Portage Meat & Market #53, 1302 Elwood Avenue, 574-233-8229

Open Positions: Cashiers.


Martin's #8, 525 S. Mayflower Road, 574-288-4854

Open Postions: None at this time.


Martin's Express, 425 S. Mayflower Road, 574-232-2512

Open Positions: Clerks.


Martin's #10, 2081 South Bend Avenue, 574-272-6922

Open Positions: Bakery Clerks and Deli Clerks.


Martin's #11, 926 Erskine Plaza, 574-291-3571

Open Positions: Deli Clerks and 3rd Shift Donut Production. 


Warsaw, Indiana


Martin's #26, 1150 Husky Trail, 574-371-9000

Open Positions: Meat Clerks, Cashiers, Service Clerks and Starbucks Baristas. 


Niles, Michigan


Martin's #19, 720 S. 11th Street, 269-684-2722

Open Positions:  


Saint Joseph, Michigan


Martin's #21, 2121 S. Cleveland Avenue, 269-983-1223

Open Positions: Paw Mart Groomer. 


Stevensville, Michigan


Martin's #23, 5637 Cleveland Avenue, 269-429-1711

Open Positions: None at this time. 


Catering By Martin's


Locations at #11 (South Bend), #16 (Granger), and #26 (Warsaw)

Open Positions: Catering and Food Truck Clerks.


Please check with the specific store you are applying at for the most up to date openings as positions can be filled daily.