Meet a few of our employees and hear what they have to say about Martin's Super Markets!


                       Meet Christina

I started working for Martin’s Super Markets in 2012. I began my career in the Deli department at our Cobblestone location in Elkhart while in college. After graduating, I had a horrible experience with employers and supervisors in my chosen field and decided to leave my area of study. After I left, I thought back to the last time I was truly happy working and immediately thought of Martin’s. I joined the wonderful staff in the Deli department again in 2016 and never looked back. I advanced quickly through the company, meeting so many amazing coworkers, trainers, supervisors, and Store Managers.  I became a Deli Supervisor for a few months, then I took a new role as an Online Shopping Coordinator for 10 months at the Cobblestone location. I later became the Customer Service Manager at the Sanford School Road location in Elkhart for 2 years. After excelling as a Customer Service Manager, I became the Human Resources Coordinator for the Bashor Road location in Goshen for 1 year, and now I am currently in the same role at Martin’s Central Bakery in Mishawaka. I have had so many people help me grow with the company and help me reach my full potential, and now I get to make the difference for new employees starting at Martin’s. I am excited to keep advancing through the company and show others just how amazing a career through Martin’s Super Markets can be.


                             Meet Ryan 

I started working at Martin's Super Markets as a Service Clerk/Cashier in 2004. As the years went on, I became the Front End trainer which I enjoyed very much. It was a great way to meet all the new employees and set the tone for our future employees. From there I was trained in the Customer Service Office and Cash office. The skills I learned from that department really helped me grow and learn parts of the Front End that would help me get to where I'm at today. In 2012, I applied for the Assistant Customer Service position at the Erskine location and got it! This brought on a bunch of new challenges that helped me grow as a manager.  I later applied for the Customer Service Manager position at the Plymouth location in 2013. I was so excited to get this position! Working at a different store really got me out of my comfort zone. I came back to the Erskine Plaza store after about a year in Plymouth. I continued to grow as I learned more of the HR side of the company from my work mother Lori Crain. She has taught me to write a proper schedule, do payroll, and take care of employee issues. This has really helped me in my position as the Customer Service Manager for Erskine Plaza. With 15 years under my belt, I couldn't be happier. Martin's is my family. I'm proud to work for a company that not only takes care of their community but also their employees. I've been very lucky to have worked with so many great managers along the way that have helped me become the manager I am today.   


                          Meet Candace 

I began my Martin’s Super Markets Paw Mart career, in November 2018. I was hired as an experienced Groomer at the St Joseph, MI location. I started as a Groomer and took the salon lead position a few months after. It is my job to lead my grooming team by ensuring excellent customer service and satisfaction. My top priority, along with my team, is the safety and comfort of every pet we groom. It is always my goal to make sure the pets we service are beautifully groomed while smelling fresh and leave with their tails wagging. I enjoy working for Martin’s Super Markets for many reasons. To simply put it, when you join the Martin’s team, you are not just getting a job, you are becoming part of the Martin’s family! I’m surrounded and supported by amazing coworkers and managers that all have the same goal; providing our customers with an experience that leaves them knowing they can “Count on Us!”