Meet a few of our employees and hear what they have to say about Martin's Super Markets!



                                                                    Meet Shaun

Shaun started working at Martin’s Super Markets in 2006. He was a part time high school student looking for extra cash and thought Martin’s would be a good place to start. Shaun soon realized this was more than a first job, it could become his career. He has worked in many departments over the years and enjoys taking on new tasks and new responsibility. Being recognized for all his hard work has motivated Shaun to continue moving up in the company. He is now the Produce Manager at our Mishawaka Rd. location in Elkhart. His favorite part of the job is having fun with his coworkers. Not only has he made new friends while working at Martin’s, but also met his wife. Shaun plans on staying with Martin’s as he further advances on his own career path. “It’s not just a 9 to 5 job where you push papers and go home. You get to interact with customers and employees.”



                                           Meet Natashia

Natashia started working as a Starbucks Barista at Martin’s in 2006. She was not planning on staying at Martin’s long term, to her it was just another job. Natashia then realized all the opportunities that Martin’s had to offer her as an employee and decided to make it her career. Natashia became a Starbucks manager for many years before creating and working on a project to better staff and train new Starbucks employees. Martin’s is not just a career to Natashia but also a second home. She considers the staff and customers family and truly cares about the company’s success.