Meet a few of our employees and hear what they have to say about Martin's Super Markets!


                        Meet Brittany

  Brittany started working for Martin’s Super Markets in August of 2010 as a bagger at our Ironwood location in Mishawaka. She quickly moved to a cashier and then to Caribou Coffee as a barista. Soon after, Brittany became the Caribou Manager in October of the same year. Brittany loved working in that position!  She ran that department for almost five years, and with an amazing team, they turned their little corner Caribou Coffee spot into something special! Brittany went on to graduate Culinary school and wanted to try something new in the company using her degree. She spoke with her supervisor, who believed greatly in her, and helped Brittany start her Catering career as the Sales and Special Events Coordinator. Eleven months later, Brittany became the Catering Manager and hasn’t looked back. “I now have my foot in just about everything Catering, Food Truck, Deli, Smokehouse and the NEW Brewpub at our Erskine Plaza location. I tell everyone I know I have the “fun job”. I get paid to play with food!”


                        Meet Megan

  Megan started working for Martin’s Super Markets in May of 2017.  She started as a cashier on the front end, and then she soon trained as a Starbucks Barista. However, she then moved back to the front end and learned office and eventually cash isolation.  She moved quickly up the ladder and became the Customer Service Manager, Assistant Office Manager, and back up HR Coordinator.  Megan is now the HR Coordinator at the College Ave location.  Megan has loved her time spent at Martin’s.  She enjoys the family atmosphere the staff has created and the connection she has with the customers on a daily basis.