Meet a few of our employees and hear what they have to say about Martin's Super Markets!

Meet Deb!

Deb is the Grooming Manager at one of our Martin's Paw Mart locations.  She has been with Martin's since 2015 when she was hired as a groomer part time. Deb decided to make Martin's her career shortly after she was hired.  The family atmosphere and the support of her Paw Mart team have encouraged Deb to continue with Martin's Super Markets.  The best part of her job?  The people she works with and, of course, her clients and their furry family members!  To anyone considering a job or career with Martin's, Deb would say that she loves her job and the company; Martin's takes special care to move up our employees and provides the training they need to succeed!



Meet Mike!

Mike is the Assistant Store Manager at our Western Avenue location in South Bend. Mike has been with Martin's Super Markets since 1998, when he was hired as a Service Clerk.  He was quickly promoted to Assistant Customer Service Manager, and has served as a manager of many departments since.  Mike, along with the rest of our Western Avenue store team, opened up our brand new location on Mayflower Road in March, 2017!  Mike enjoys working with people and the public. As a manager, Mike said the best part of his job is that "I can help make the workplace fun and enjoyable, but can also take care of business and promote good customer service. If your customers notice your employees smiling and enjoying their job, why wouldn't they want to shop here?" Mike would encourage anyone who works hard, is good with people, and has good time management skills to consider a career with Martin's! 



Meet Holly!

Holly is a Human Resources Coordinator with Martin's Super Markets.  Holly started her career at Martin's in 2007 as a Service Clerk and has been trained in multiple positions since then.  She decided to make her job at Martin's into a career when she realized just how many opportunities there are to grow and learn within the company.  In her human resources role, Holly enjoys interacting with people and "gets a lot of satisfaction from hiring someone into a role that fits them perfectly". She also works in community affairs for her store and has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to serve the community and local charities.  "Martin's has been worth it every step of the way for me. If you want a family that will help you grow and learn, Martin's is it."