Meet a few of our employees and hear what they have to say about Martin's Super Markets!

Meet Jenny!

Jenny started working as a Service Clerk at Martin’s in 2015. She needed a job to support her family so she thought Martin’s might be a good fit. This being her first retail job, Jenny was worried about becoming a cashier. Once she saw how thorough the training was and how much we work with our employees, she knew she could be successful.  Jenny became a front-end shift supervisor and from there, became a Customer Service Manager. Her hesitation in taking on a management role so soon after being hired, was over shadowed by the immense support from the management team throughout the store and the company. Jenny’s favorite part about working at Martin’s is the family atmosphere. She enjoys talking to customers throughout the day and training new employees to succeed and develop with the company. Jenny is planning on making Martin’s Super Market her career. It is not only her job but it is a home away from home. The support, guidance and encouragement from other employees is why Jenny will be with us for years to come.



Meet Callahan!

Callahan started working for Martin’s in 2008 as a Service Clerk. He heard from other high school students that it was a great first job to have. He worked at the Customer Service desk for a few years before becoming an Assistant Office Manager. Callahan now is the Customer Service Manager at our highest volume store. His favorite part of the job is interacting with different people. Working with customers and employees are what makes his job so great. He has moved up the ladder quickly at Martin’s and knows that he wants to make this his career. It is full of growth and opportunities.




Meet Natashia!

Natashia started working as a Starbucks Barista at Martin’s in 2006. She was not planning on staying at Martin’s long term, to her it was just another job. Natashia then realized all the opportunities that Martin’s had to offer her as an employee and decided to make it her career. Natashia became a Starbucks manager for many years before creating and working on a project to better staff and train new Starbucks employees. Martin’s is not just a career to Natashia but also a second home. She considers the staff and customers family and truly cares about the company’s success.