How do I apply for a position at Martin’s?

You can fill out an application online or stop by your neighborhood Martin’s to fill out an application in person.

How do I know which store(s) to choose on the online application?

You want to check the locations of the stores that you are willing to work at.  The address and city is provided for each location so you know which stores are closest to you.  The more stores you list means more eyes reviewing your application.  Sometimes, a store you did not put down may even call you to see if you would be interested in their location.  Answer honestly, depending on how far the location would be from your home.

What kind of availability is Martin’s looking for?

We are retail and most locations are open from 6am-midnight Monday through Sunday.    It is hard for us to hire an applicant who is just available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.  We hire to be fair to all employees that help staff the store at any hours of the day.  There is always opportunities for requesting certain times off.  With that being said, we pride ourselves on offering a flexible work schedule that helps our employees maintain a healthy work/life balance.

I applied online/in-store – what happens next?

The HR Coordinator or another department manager of that particular store will review the applications to see which ones fit the needs of the store and request an interview if they think you are a possible candidate.  If you applied online, more than one store may view your application to see if you fit their needs, especially, if you listed more than one store location that you are interested in. 

I did not receive a call for an interview – now what?

You can call a particular store’s HR Coordinator to check on your application.  Applications remain active for 60 days. 

How should I dress for an interview at Martin’s Super Markets?

Business casual attire is ideal. 

Does Martin's promote from within?

Yes we do.  That is often why an external candidate is selected for an entry level position such as cashier, service clerk, or deli clerk.  You get to know our company and you will be promoted based on your strong work ethic and over-the-top customer service!  Even the CEO of Martin’s Super Markets, Rob Bartels, started off as a service clerk.  Your work performance determines how long you stay in the entry level position. 

How old do you have to be to work for Martin's Super Markets?

We do not hire anyone below the age of sixteen. 

A couple of reminders:

1.  In the Education Section of the online application, please make sure to put the NAME of your HIGH SCHOOL or COLLEGE, not your personal name.

2.  After you completed all spaces of the online application, you will come to the last section labeled "Policy and Application Agreement."  Please read this paragraph and then check "yes" that you agree to the terms.  Once you have done so, the "Preview" button will light up and then allow you to preview everything you have filled out.  The options at the top of the page then become "Print" and "Submit."  Please click on "Submit" for us to receive your application.  You will be sent a confirmation email if it is has been processed correctly.