Education Wellness Opportunities

To our communities local schools and teachers -

Take advantage of the health and wellness opportunities available for your classrooms through Martin's Eat Smart. Be Well. program by contacting our health and wellness advisor, Kristin!

Martin's recognizes the importance of working with our schools and youth! We know many lifelong wellness habits are established at a young age and would love to work together with our communities teachers to provide great opportunities for our children.

Here is a list of some of the opportunities available:

- Grocery Store Tours: Take a field trip to your local Martin's Super Market for a guided grocery store tour where students can learn about the functioning a grocery store and the jobs/positions involved. Activities throughout the tour include scanning and bagging, meat packaging, and deli slicing. 

- Classroom Presentation/Guest Speaker: Have our health and wellness advisor and/or ambassadors come into your classroom and provide a hands on educational lesson focused on nutrition. 

- Home Economic Demonstration: Does your school have home economic classes with a functioning kitchen? Have us join your students in their kitchen helping guide them in utilizing a weekly grocery store ad to plan and cook a healthy meal.

- Kids Club: Martin’s has a Kids Club with free membership for children aged 5-12 years old. Each month our Kid Club members receive a FREE featured produce item of the month. Coinciding with that item is a recipe broken down into steps applicable for children to get them involved with the cooking process. The recipe also includes conversation starters for the dinner table, promoting family meals. These recipes are available for downloading and printing, here. If you would like to pass out Kids Club cards to your students or students' parents at an open house or conferences, contact Kristin and she would be happy to provide you with the membership cards.

Contact your Martin's Health and Wellness advisor by phone (574)239-1858 or email