Your meals start at Martin's Butcher Shoppe

Start your meals right when you choose Martin's Butcher Shoppe meats for your main course.  Full or self service, the meats you choose are guaranteed to the highest quality standards Martin's can offer:  We can custom cut and special order for you also, so don't hesitate to ask our friendly, helpful butchers for help.  We can even give you recipe ideas!


U.S.D.A. all Choice grade, with no preservatives, no antibiotics, all natural.  Beef is ground fresh daily at each store, too! 


All natural, no preservatives, lean and juicy.


Grade A poultry, no antibiotics and no preservatives added. 

Grill Ready/Oven Ready/Crockpot Ready Gourmet

Be sure to check out our wide selection of pre-seasoned, ready to cook main course meats.  Featuring wings, kabobs, pork chops, Pub burgers and more!  Exciting flavor combinations in your favorite items, with easy-to-follow cooking directions printed right on the package.  You're family will love them!  And so will you!