All classes below are at the Martins Super Markets -Heritage Square location 

January 2020


New Year, New Soups!
Sun. 1/12  3:00-5:00pm
All the big pots will be out and smells of garlic and onion will be in the air so all we need now is you! Plan to join us for a warm evening in our kitchen with Chef Bill O’Brien as he shares some culinary stories of his time working in the White House. You may have your favorites, but after a class like this, you will likely want to add these to your repertoire! Come gather around our stove and “get your soup on” while creating some new soups for a new year including Stuffed Cabbage Roll Soup, Sherry Shrimp Bisque and a savory Forest Mushroom Soup!  Demonstration 
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It’s Taco Tuesday!
Tues. 1/14 6:00-8:30pm
Come in from the cold and bring your partner, some friends and lets turn up the heat in the School of Cooking! It’s Taco Tuesday and we have some authentic tacos and salsas lined up for you! If you are a fan of Guacamole then you will want this recipe! Chef Alan and his amazing wife Olga are back to bring some true Mexican flare to our Fiesta! Spaces are limited! Plan your date night or meeting around a unique cooking class! Partial Hands-On! 
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Junior Chef: Food Science Rules!
Fri. 1/17 6:00-8:00pm 
If you know a young one who enjoys food as well as science then this class may be just right for them! We will be exploring some specific ways that science affects food through chemical and physical changes including heat, mixing and whipping, baking, etc. Chef April Howell will guide them in a hands on class making homemade butter and jelly as well as a from-scratch Fry Bread. We will cook up some eggs as well as Ice Cream in a bag and some Queso Fresco cheese! Sign up your Jr Chef today and open up their minds even more to the world of Food Science. Hands-On for ages 8 and up 
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Knife Skills 101
Fri. 1/24 6:00-8:30pm
$40.00 (includes knife)
Have you wanted to learn some basics of cooking including how to hold a knife properly? What about how to cut an onion? Or maybe you would like to gift a special someone a class on improving their efficiency in the kitchen? Chef Pete Pica from the Elkhart Area Career Center has this class under control and will be talking about knives, knife safety as well as care and sharpening. Using the knife, which you receive as part of the class, you will get lots of practice as you help Chef Pete cut, slice and dice the menu for the evening. This is an annual class and one that will help improve your confidence, efficiency and safety in your kitchen. Sign up today, you won't regret it! Hands-On
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Parent & Child: Date Night!
Fri. 2/7 6:00-8:00pm
$35.00 pair $10 addl child
Treat the little lady or gentleman in your life, who looks up to you for adventure and fun, to a memorable night cooking together in our kitchen. Chef April Howell has set up an evening menu that is sure to cause some giggles and laughs between you both as you prepare Super and Easy Soft Pretzel Hearts, Martins Rotisserie Chicken Tacos and some Chocolate Kiss Cookies. You will create a simple craft to remember the special evening. So dress on up (we have aprons!) and head on over to the School of Cooking. Space is limited! Hands on for ages 5 and up please. 
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Sweetheart Cookie Decorating
Thur. 2/13 6:00-8:30pm
$30.00 each
Not only will you get to watch a professional cookie decorator do her magic but Nancy Rzeszutko will be sharing her special tips and tricks with you as you create a beautiful collection of Valentine cookies all by yourself! She will share how to do a special technique called ‘Flooding’ and how to keep those piping bags really clean as you are in the middle of creative chaos! Join us for a special evening of cookie decorating perfect with your sweetheart, sweet friend or special group for Valentines Day. We will provide small boxes for you to carefully carry out your special creations. Space is limited. Your table for four is ready! Hands On
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Jr Chef: "I love you Cheese!"
Fri. 2/21 6:00-8:00pm 
$30.00 each
We are celebrating February by making and enjoying the things we love! Cheese has a big part of Chef April’s heart and she is wanting to share some of her favorite cheesy recipes with you! Why not start the class out with samples of different cheeses local and from around the world! Nothing like making our own Queso Fresco cheese for some tacos! While we wait for the curds and whey to separate we will create sweet and crunchy Raspberry Cheesecake Eggrolls. The Lemon Mascarpone Cloud Dip is a perfect treat for the ‘sweet tarts’ in your life! This is a great class for those Jr Chefs who ask for “more cheese, please!”. Hands-On for ages 8 and up!
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Instant Pot Time!
Fri. 2/28 6:00-8:00pm
$25.00 each
There are many small appliances for your kitchen which can help make your life a bit easier and if you happen to have the Instant Pot then you may agree! Do you own one? Have you used it yet? Is it on your counter but just don’t know how to start? Or can you not live without it? We are happy to welcome back Chef Margarita McClain, a culinary instructor at the Elkhart Area Career Center. She will guide you through simple recipes you can feel confidant in preparing for your family on those crazy busy nights! You won’t regret signing up for this class! Partial Hands on 
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