Since its founding in 1947, Martin's sustainability policies and procedures are always consistent with environmental sustainability and management.

Initiatives in sustainability and reduce/reuse/recycle include:

            · recycling of cardboard produced from incoming packaging

            · use of plastic bags made from recycled material

            · providing customers bins in which to deposit used plastic bags, and recycling those

            · recycling qualifying bottles and cans in Michigan in compliance with state law

            · installation of electric hand dryers to reduce paper towel consumption

            · fitting of electronic faucets which offer reduced water consumption

Other policies in the areas of energy and carbon/fuel reduction include:

            · utilizing high-tech energy management refrigeration, with building control systems in most stores

            · achieved up to 70% energy load in refrigeration cases by installing doors

            · use of “night curtains” on open-air refrigerated display cases

            · installation of energy-efficient ECM case fans in refrigerated display cases in some stores

            · utilizing variable-speed motor controls on refrigeration compressors and large HVAC fan motors

            · specifying LED lighting in new stores and scheduling retro-fits in existing stores

            · recycling heat from refrigeration systems to heat air and water used in stores

            · feature one newer store with skylight and lighting controls to reduce energy use

            · installed occupancy sensors to turn lights on and off

            · monitoring “leak detectors”

            · use of high-tech refrigerant tracking program to manage use of refrigerants


Martin’s engineering staff, as well as members of its team of maintenance professionals, are continually assessing new and tested approaches to carbon-reduction that can provide a measurably positive impact on its customers, its employee and its communities.