For many parents the return to school means a daily worry if the kids are eating healthy when away from home. Luckily, there is an easy solution for making sure they are. With Martin’s Supermarkets being one of the most convenient health food stores, we can get you stocked up and ready for a week of healthy lunches.

Having a natural foods grocery store in your town can help keep great tasting food in the house that you can make some amazing lunches with! With natural ingredients being a huge concern in today's food, parents are more aware of what they feed their children. 

Nutrition is a Number One Concern

In 2017,  organic food sales in the US climbed to 45.21 billion dollars. Everyday, more and more people are becoming conscious as to what kind of food they are putting in their bodies. Food is fuel, and when you put bad fuel in (processed foods), your body will not have the energy to properly sustain itself. 

School lunches are notorious for menus full of processed foods, high carbohydrate meals and containing little nutritional value. Given the lack of nutritional value, is the price of a school lunch worth it in the long run? 

We know some parents are too busy to pack a lunch for their child everyday, but providing your child with a healthy lunch a few times a week is still beneficial. It’s not only cost-effective but you also get to control the nutritional content your child is receiving. Meal prepping is not only for the fitness gurus, but can be incorporated into your child’s life as well. Spending a few hours together on a Sunday meal prepping will not only instill good nutrition habits in them, but it will also provide you with some quality time. 

Finding Organic Options Locally

Unfortunately organic healthy options are not always locally available for many parents. It can mean a long drive to the next town over or in some cases the nearest city. Many supermarkets have overpriced limited selections of organic produce and other foods. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to find healthy food options nearby.

A great solution is to order groceries online, with Martin's Groceries To Go!  Shopping online and having groceries picked up on your way home from work or delivered right to your door can ensure that you have healthy organic food in your home and  save you time and money. 

Dietary Restrictions

Many children are dealing with food allergies and must follow special diets. It can be hard to find gluten free grocery options or peanut free snacks. In cases of food allergies, it is more important than ever to ensure that you take advantage of a food store that caters to those dietary needs.

A Little Planning

With a little planning and using health food stores online to get your groceries, this can be a great worry-free year (at least when it comes to lunches and snacks)! Start the school year off right with healthy food for you and your family!