The ugli fruit was found growing wild in Jamaica, and it is believed to be a hybrid of grapefruit and tangerine, and perhaps pomelo. Ugli fruit truly lives up to its “ugly” name, as it looks like a blotchy, lumpy citrus fruitshape. It skin is green in color until it is fully ripe, when it is then bright orange in hue. Cut in half and you will have two heart shaped halfs, which is kind of brings in a romantic element. The skin peels away easily from the juicy segments and taste similarliy to a naval orange. Just like other citrus fruits, the ugli fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Generally speaking, the uglier the better with this fruit. The rind should be loose on the fruit, giving it a somewhat deflated look. If you’re not planning to enjoy your Ugli fruit within a day or two, refrigeration keeps them fresh for up to three weeks.

Use your ugli fruit in a tropic fruit salad, with banana, grapes and pineapple. Or try servings over a bed of salad greens.