Canned and jar pasta sauces in the pasta isle can be loaded with added sugars and salts making them not as nutritious as one may think. However, there are options out there that you can turn to!

Newman’s Own® Marinara Pasta Sauce is considered a crowd pleaser. With 7 grams of added sugar per serving, it is on the lower end in comparison to some other sauces. The list of ingredients are as follows: Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste, Citric Acid), Diced Tomatoes, Salt, Cane Sugar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spices, Onion*, Garlic* (* dried). What I notice with this sauce is that both salt and cane sugar are further down on the ingredient list. This means their is more tomato puree and diced tomatoes per volume than salt and sugar. The way it should be, right? However, that's not necessarily the case with all pasta sauces or processed foods. Be sure to double check the label.

Another favorite sauce of theirs is the Newman’s Own® Sockarooni Pasta Sauce. I love this one because it adds some great veggies into the mix, mushrooms and peppers. This sauce also has 7 grams of added sugar per serving. With 460 mg of sodium per 1/2 cup serving, you can see how one could easily exceed their sodium recommendations in a day (recommended 2,300 mg or less per day). This number, however, is lower than some other mainstream sauces. Look for low sodium options and watch your portions at service.

Note: there are other brands and sauces that have lower sodium and added sugar counts. Spend some time comparing products to decide what is the best option for you. Newman’s Own® didn't endorse this blog post; it is simply a recommendation from your Martin's dietitian as being one of her favorite go to's when purchased premade pasta sauces.

If you are looking for the highest quality pasta sauce with no added sugars and minimal or no added salt your best bet may be to make your sauce from scratch. Try pairing crushed tomatoes, packed with no added salt, with fresh basil, garlic, and oregano for a basic pasta sauce.

I liked the idea of using the Nutritional Facts of this product to help educate you (our loyal Martin's customers) on how to shop SMART. With September's Family Meals Month platform continuing, here's is a Pizzadilla recipe from Newman’s Own® I'm thinking the whole family will enjoy. I have added my tweaks and recommendations to the recipe in () below.

Newman's Own® Pizzadillas, 4 servings
4 10-inch flour tortillas (try whole wheat)
Newman’s Own® Sockarooni Sauce
24-30 sliced turkey pepperoni
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
1/2 cup artichoke hearts, drained, rinsed and chopped
4 tsp. chopped olives
3 cups mozzarella cheese

To assemble the pizzadillas, spread 2 Tbsp pasta sauce over half of each tortilla. Sprinkle ¼ of the pizza toppings (pepperoni, chopped tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, and olives) on top of the sauce on each tortilla. Sprinkle ¾ cup of cheese over the toppings on each tortilla and then fold the clean half of the tortilla over the filling.

Heat a large non-stick skillet sprayed with cooking spray over medium heat. When the skillet is hot, cook each pizzadilla for approximately 3 minutes on each side, until golden.

Cut each pizzadilla into thirds or quarters and serve with additional warmed sauce on the side.
*Recipe and photo provided by Newman’s Own®.

Try swapping out the ingredients to meet your family favorites. Each family member could ideally have their own pizza toppings to mix into their pizzadilla. Ready in minutes, this is a meal you definitely want to try!

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