Getting your food from a natural grocery store online may be the easiest way to get the nutritious food you want to feed your family. Fresh organic produce is simply one of the best ways to ensure everyone is getting the right nutrition, naturally.

We have all done it. We have all gone to the food store and could not find the fresh produce that we wanted, so we settled for frozen, but at what cost? Is there a difference between frozen produce and fresh produce when it comes to nutrition?

What Happens When Produce Is Frozen?

There is nothing too bad in frozen produce, but there is nothing too good about it either. Frozen produce can be sitting in the freezer for a long time before you purchase it. The problem is that the nutrients degrade over time with frozen produce and it can be hard to figure out exactly when the produce was frozen before you bought it.

The first step in freezing produce is to “blanch” the produce. Blanching is the process of par cooking vegetables in a bath of boiling water for a minute or two. Once the blanching occurs you lose the nutrients that are water-soluble like B vitamins and the immune-boosting vitamin C.

The longer the produce stays frozen the more nutrients are lost. Of course, sometimes it is inevitable that you will have to buy frozen produce. Cooking it soon after purchase can help to reduce the loss of nutritional value. Steaming instead of boiling can also help to keep those nutrients in place.

Fresh is Better

You can find organic groceries including fresh organic produce right online. The USDA has developed strict standards when it comes to what is considered organic that regulates how organic food is grown and handled. Organic options are health-conscious options.

You do not have to sacrifice the health benefits of delicious fresh produce because of convenience. Online groceries from a natural grocery store can be delivered right to your door.

Where you shop is as important as what is in your basket. A natural grocery store is a great option to ensure you are getting the healthy nutritious food your family deserves.

A natural grocery, health food store online gives you the ability to feed your family with confidence. Groceries to go make it easy to make the right food choices for you and your family.

Before you settle for frozen produce at the supermarket consider the benefits that a natural grocery online option has to offer.