Whether you are decorating for the holidays or just to add a touch to your home, textures and natural accents can provide an interesting piece that can add that special stand-out element to a room. Birch Branches, Curly Willow, pussy willow or just random twigs that you find in your yard can be a simple item that when combined with the textures of cranberries or other fruits, like lemons or even stone, you have the most simple decorative arrangement you can imagine.

Items needed: branches, vase, 1 bag of cranberries (lotus pods – optional)

Step One – Gather or cut birch branches, or curly willow. If you do not have access to branches, we do sell them in our floral departments.

Step Two – Place branches in the vase (you may need to cut them to achieve the correct height.

Step Three – Once branches are in place, add cranberries on handful at a time all the way around the vase so that the branches will stand tall in the center of the vase. Note: do not add the cranberries or stones first, you must add them after you have inserted the branches into the vase.

Step Four – add fresh flowers, (roses look beautiful in these vases), lotus pods or dried or silk accent flowers.  That’s it!  Now you have a beautiful rustic centerpiece for the holidays that everyone will be covet!