So, you’re standing at the store looking through the boxed Christmas cards, desperately searching for the perfect one to send out to friends and family. You’re looking for cute, funny, or anything sentimental, but by now, all the good ones are picked over.  You reluctantly settle for what is left in the bin on the shelf because, let’s be honest, they need to be mailed out today or they aren’t getting anywhere on time- (I know you have all been here).

Instead of searching for the perfect store bought cards, why not get the kids involved in making their own version of “the perfect Christmas card” this year? It’s simple, easy, and your loved ones will be sure to enjoy these special gifts.

For this activity you will need:
  • Construction paper (any color) or cardstock
  • Fruit and vegetables (we used pears, apples, broccoli and raisins)
  • Glue (liquid, not glue sticks)
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Small paintbrush
  • White, peach and brown paint (Tempera paint works best for this project)
How to do it:

Start by folding a piece of paper in half to make the card. Squeeze a generous amount of paint onto a paper plate. Remember, you need enough paint to dip the fruit and veggie slices in.

To make Santa Claus, slice an apple vertically and remove seeds. Dip the inside of the apple in peach paint and press down on paper.

Use paintbrush to paint on Santa’s red hat, or use a red marker. Allow paint to dry, and apply glue to two raisins for his eyes. Draw on a mouth with a marker or paint. Now, take a small piece of broccoli and dip the flowery head into white paint. Use this to make Santa’s beard and edges of the hat. Allow to dry on a flat surface.

To make a snowman, slice an apple vertically and remove seeds. Dip the inside of the apple in white paint and press onto paper to make the body of the snowman. Allow paint to dry.

Use a marker or crayon to draw the snowman’s hat and arms. Glue raisins on snowman to make the eyes, mouth, and buttons.
*TIP: to make the body of the snowman different sizes, slice the apple vertically three times to make smaller slices.

To make a reindeer, cut a pear in half vertically. Remove seeds. Dip the inside of the pear in brown paint, and press onto paper with the smaller side of the pear facing downward. Allow to dry.

Glue raisins to make the eyes, and a crayon, paint or marker to make the antlers. Use a dab of red or black paint to make the nose of the reindeer. Allow to dry.

After your wonderful creations have dried, they are ready for your very own personalized messages. For a special touch, allow the kids to write message inside the card, and have the whole family take turns signing them. This is a great gift for everyone, and a great way to get the kiddos in the holiday spirit! Have fun, and Merry Christmas!

Click here for a printable version of this project: Fruit &  Veggie Christmas Cards

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