What is “The 12 Months of Blooms”?

It is a coupon card that entitles the bearer to a fresh-cut flower bouquet each month for the entire year!

How does it work?

The person who receives this gift simply takes their coupon card each month to The Flower Market at any Martin’s Super Market and presents it with their Martin’s Card. The item for that month will have a small sign that looks like the cover of the coupon card designating the item for that month. You must pick-up the flowers within the calendar date of each month. The person then takes their bouquet along with their coupon card to any cashier for the bouquet to be rung up through the register.  The coupon automatically takes off the value of that bouquet, so the person pays no tax or other fees unless they want their bouquet up-graded.

How much does “12 Months of Blooms” Cost?

The 12 Months of  Blooms coupon card costs $60.00 plus tax. If you add up the value of all of the flowers for the year, it has a value of over $100!

Click here to order your 12 Months of Blooms peeler card online from Parties by Martin's!

2019 "12 Months of Blooms" Bouquets:

January: Small Mix Bouquet
February: Garden Bunches
March: Dozen Rose Bouquet
April: One Bunch of 10-stem Tulips
May: Garden Bunches
June: Dozen Rose Bouquet
July: Small Mix Bouquet
August: Garden Bunches
September: Small Mix Bouquet
October: Dozen Rose Bouquet
November: Small Mix Bouquet
December: Small Mix Bouquet